A. H. and C. M. are both Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in Oregon, and between them they also have endorsements in K-5 multi-subject elementary education, social studies/history, and English/language arts. They teach both culturally Deaf students and hard-of-hearing oral students, and both use ASL.


Both A and C are currently itinerant teachers serving multiple districts, but have classroom and general-education experience. They both have a focus on individualized fully-accessible education for all DHH children, including subject-matter support, linguistic access, and self-advocacy.

A is hearing, and grew up with signing parents and a Deaf sister. She has a BA in English from Bucknell, and an MA in Special Education - Deaf and Hard of Hearing from St. Joseph's University . She holds an Oregon endorsement in PreK-12th grade Deaf Education.

C is Hard-of-Hearing with a progressive loss, holds a BA in English from UC Berkeley, an MSEd in Deaf Education from Western Oregon University, and an MA in History from American Public University. She is currently pursuing an MA in Online Education. She is a BEI certified ASL interpreter with a 3.8 EIPA score, and holds 4 Oregon endorsements (k-12 Deaf Ed, elementary multi-subject, social studies/history for middle and high school, and English/language arts for middle and high school). C was nominated for the Oregon Teacher of the Year, and volunteered at Oregon's school for the Deaf, Washington's school for the Deaf, and the Demonstration School for the Deaf in Mampong, Ghana.

A teaches full-time and runs multiple businesses in her spare time. She loves to read, when she can find the time, as well as spending time with her husband and cats. She crochets

C is an educational fanatic, and goes to grad school in her spare time. Outside of a classroom, she interprets in a limited capacity, is married to a hearing dude who signs, and is the mother of two hearing, signing, teenagers. Despite battling an auto-immune disorder, she enjoys boxing, lifting heavy things, and driving. She also knits, reads, and cooks...and tries unsuccessfully to get enough sleep.

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