Welcome to Engage-Ed!

Selling mostly on Teachers Pay Teachers, A and C develop lesson plans

focused on language acquisition (ASL and English), auditory

discrimination and self-advocacy for Deaf/Hard of hearing students.

Both A and C are credentialed and working Teachers of the Deaf in

Oregon (and you can learn more about them on the About Us page)

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Ready-to-print worksheets, lessons, print-ready workbooks, and more

are available, and all of the lessons are easily customized to meet the

needs of your student(s)

A and C believe that all DHH children are entitled to access their

education in a fully-accessible way, to know their rights and

preferences, and to be able to advocate to ensure their needs are met

Lessons cover broad age-ranges and grade-levels, and the grades of

students who have used them will be listed in the descriptions. These

resources and curricula are meant to be fun, interesting, and applicable

for both the student and the teacher